Welcome to


The 2006 Sícubie Cutie Awards!


With your hostess for the evening:


Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins!



Good evening, ladies & gentlemen! Iím very excited to master these ceremonies! And I know you all find me attractive. Iíve seen you looking at my breasts. So letís get on with it. To start our show, click on the Cutie below:


Go directly to your favorite category:


The Shows


Best TV Drama Series
Best TV Comedy Series
Best Single Episode
Best Kiss
Best Show of Skin Ė Male
Best Show of Skin Ė Female
Most Shocking Moment
Most Heart-Wrenching Scene
Funniest Moment or Line
Best Use of Music





The Players


Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Guest Star
Sexiest Actress
Sexiest Actor
Best Villain



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